today at work someone tipped me a potato


in some countries that is a marriage proposal

Even the potato looks confused

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oh no a boy doesnt like my apperance whatever will i do

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Sunday nights are the worst you go to bed with that horrifying feeling of impending doom like “I’ve got a whole fucking week ahead

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Omfg today at school I was talking to my gay friend and some random kid walked by and called me a fag hag and I didn’t know what to do so I just went up to the kid and hugged him and I was like “it’s okay, once you come out you will discover your true self” and then he hugged me back and started crying and he said “it’s just so hard to feel accepted” and I just

the queer whisperer

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So in class the other day we were learning about the sleeping habits of newborn babies when one of the guys says “I would nickname my baby Gotham, so in the middle of the night when the baby cries my partner can whisper “Gotham needs you” and I would feel excellent about having to get out of bed”.

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"No one’s life seems great between midnight and 7 a.m. Go to sleep. Things will be better tomorrow."
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best advice EVER

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